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My Village's History..

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In 2006 my brother and I made plans to open a café bar. We came across ‘The Off Stage Book Shop’ on 37 Chalk Farm Road.

They had been struggling to compete with the online book market and had sadly decided to close down after 24 years of trading.

We took over the premises and after 6 months of hard work, working long nights 7 days a week, we managed to open ‘My Village Cafe Bar’.   This was our first home in Camden and we stayed there for 10 years, until 2016.

Unfortunately, like many small businesses in Camden we struggled  with the sharp increases in rent prices, and ‘My Village Cafe Bar” fell victim to the private developers at the time so we were forced to shut our doors.

We were fortunate that an opportunity arose to move just next door to number 38 and take over the then mysterious sauna and massage parlour. After 5 long months of building everything from the ground up again, we opened 'My Village Hawraman Cafe Bar'. Hawaraman is a creative mountainous region in the south of Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. The concept, atmosphere,  and food of our cafe celebrates this region, as well as the wider Mediterranean.

Today we are just one of the very few authentic small businesses left in the area and we want to continue to keep the original soul of Camden alive. We hope you enjoy your time with us. 

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